My core strengths are in computational biology and visual science communication, while my academic interests are primarily in evolution, theoretical biology, and genetics.


My most relevant and recent skills and experiences are detailed below. For more depth, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile or view my CV.

Recent Education

PhD Research Student / University of Stirling / 2020–Present

Research theme: How does fluctuating selection affect pesticide effectiveness?

BSc Hons in Biology / University of Stirling / 2016–2020

Thesis: When rare gametes meet.

  • Achieved a first-class degree certificate.
  • Won a research studentship with The Genetics Society (see below).
  • Volunteered with the ENDORSE and WrEN projects.
  • Secured paid work within the department to develop Shiny apps for use as a teaching aid in a 4th-year population ecology module (example).
  • Ran study sessions at Coding Club and played a key role in increasing engagement.
  • Joined regular discussions with Luc F. Bussière’s Research Group.

Recent Research

Genetics Society Summer Studentship / 2019

How disturbance affects the establishment of new polyploid plant species.

  • Secured funding for 8 weeks of research.
  • Created an Individual-based model—from scratch in R—which simulates polyploid evolution and disturbance in plant populations.
  • Found that disturbance should amplify establishment success/failure caused by the costs or benefits of being polyploid.
  • Received a runner up prize for presenting my work in a 10-minute talk.
  • Made my model available as an R package: DisturPloidy

Recent Work

  • Bat Surveyor / Direct Ecology Ltd. / May–July 2018
  • Freelance Web Developer / 2014–2019


  • R
  • Git
  • Individual-Based Modelling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • BLAST / Clustal
  • Communication
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • javaScript / jQuery
  • HTML / CSS

Poster Design

These are the most recent science posters I have created during my Biology degree at the University of Stirling (using Adobe Illustrator).

Cyclin-dependent-like kinase 5

Cyclin-dependant-like kinase 5’s role in Alzheimer’s (with a focus on inhibition) / Solo project / Autumn 2019.

How new modes of predation gave rise to Chondrichthyes diversity.

How new modes of predation gave rise to Chondrichthyes diversity / Group project / Spring 2019.


  • English / First language.
  • Norwegian / Beginner.