This website ( is my personal site which advertises my professional services and skills. It’s not a commercial endeavour, so I’m not tracking all your interactions or looking to sell your data to advertisers. I believe in privacy and transparency. As such, I collect and share as little of your data as possible, and I encrypt the data that you do share.

What personal data is collected and why


There are none. You’re not logging in or leaving comments so I don’t need to set any cookies that make that process easier.

Contact forms

If you use a contact form on this website (coming soon) to email me, any information you send is processed via Gmail servers and sent to my email account. I use a contact form to keep my email address private and reduce spam. If you are not a spammer, I will not share the information you send with any third parties, without your express permission (depending on the nature of your enquiry, sometimes sharing details may be necessary). If you are a spammer I will share your details with my email service provider (Gmail) in order to block and blacklist your account.


Email links will open your email software so the personal data you share via emails is not managed/secured by this website, but by your email provider. Data will, however, be processed by Gmail servers when they arrive in my account and stored as detailed below.

How long I retain your data

I don’t typically delete emails. Any information you send to me will tend to exist in my email account until is automatically archived or deleted.

What rights you have over your data

At any time you can request a copy of the information I have stored about you based on your enquiry. You can also request that I erase any personal data I hold concerning you; this does not include any data I am obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Where I send your data

Emails sent via the contact form are processed by an automated spam detection service. This reduces spam mail as most are filtered out. I don’t use Google Analytics and I don’t track your interactions.

How I protect your data

Any data transferred between you and the server this website runs on, ie when sending the contact form, is encrypted by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This prevents potential hackers from being able to eavesdrop on the information you are sending to me via that form. You can see details of the SSL certificate, and its encryption level, by clicking on the padlock by this URL in your browser bar.

If there is a data breach

If I discover that any of your data has been breached, you will be informed as quickly as possible.

How you can contact me

You can contact me by email, or via social networking platforms (which are linked to in the sidebar on your left).